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Face Lift

A face lift is a delicate surgical procedure which is designed to improve many aspects of facial ageing. This includes the jowls, sagging cheeks, and deep folds in the midface.

Many variations on the face lift operation have been described, all for the purposes of improving some specific aspect of the surgery. Many of these have catchy, branded names such as “fox eye lift”, “ponytail lift”, “S-lift”. However, in general, none of these names indicates something specifically better about the operation. In many cases, they are just a shorthand way of referring to some modification of the basic techniques of face lift surgery.

A far better way of treating facial ageing is to carefully assess the specific complaints and desires of each individual, diagnose the related underlying causes, and then design the specific treatment to address those concerns.

Dr Baba considers these specific goals for patients during multiple consultations. He does not perform cookie cutter surgery; rather this bespoke approach refines the specific procedures needed, and allows for a more predictable and realistic treatment.