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General FAQs

Yes. Referrals are required to see our specialists prior to your consultation. You can obtain this from a dentist, general practitioner or other specialist. A referral informs the doctor what treatment you require and is also necessary to be able to claim Medicare benefits.

If you are eligible for a Medicare claim, our staff will submit this for you electronically after your procedure is completed. If you are eligible for a Private Health fund claim, you will be issued with an itemised account after your procedure is completed.

After your procedure, you will normally receive this via email (if you have not provided us an email address, it will be posted) 1-3 days after your operation.

This is to secure your surgery booking and allows us to arrange any necessary products required for your treatment.

Generally no as the doctor will need to consider your medical history, consent and plan your proposed treatment.  After you have had your consultation, our staff will explain any costs involved and arrange for surgery if required.

This has many contributing factors depending on what kind of consultation you are having and what is required at that appointment. This can vary from $100 - $600. At the time of booking your consultation, our staff will inform you of any expected costs and rebates.

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Bank cheque, personal cheque and direct bank transfers.

Anytime after booking, but must be completed 2 weeks before.

Adelaide Oral & Maxillofacial Centre’s head office on 08 8223 7277.

We have a paging service who you can leave a message with that notifys your surgeon of your call. That number is: 08 8378 1762.