General FAQs

Do I require a referral?

Referrals are required prior to consultations from your referring doctor.  A referral informs the doctor what treatment you require and is also necessary to be able to claim Medicare benefits.

How and when can I claim benefits?

Depending on your treatment you can submit claims to Medicare and/or your private health fund after you receive an itemised account.

When will I receive my itemised account?

If you have had surgery, you will normally receive an itemised account in the post about 2-3 days after your operation.

Why do I need to prepay my surgery?

It is our practice policy to prepay 1 week prior to your operation.  Many contributing factors need to be arranged for your surgery to proceed and this payment confirms your surgery booking.

Will I be operated on the day of my consultation?

Generally no as the doctor will need to consider your medical history, consent and plan your proposed treatment.  After you have had your consultation, our staff will explain any costs involved and arrange for surgery if required.

How much will my consultation cost?

Your consultation will be between $80 – $150 depending on the type of appointment required and is payable at the time of consultation.  Any further treatment or Xrays will be an additional cost.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS, Bank Cheque and Personal cheque.  Unfortunately we do not accept direct bank deposits.  (Please note: All personal cheques must be received 10 days prior to surgery in order for the cheque to clear)

When do I need to make surgery payment?

An estimate will be given before any surgical procedure is performed. Patients are required to pay the whole amount one week prior to surgery.

When do I need to complete Hospital admission regarding my surgery?

Complete the hospital admission forms and submit to the hospital at least 2 weeks prior to your surgery date.

Parkwynd Hospital Admissions

Wakefield Hospital Admissions

Central Districts Hospital Admissions

Who do I call to book/cancel my surgery?

All surgery bookings and cancellations are made through our office.  We notify the hospital and anaesthetist on your behalf.  Please call Adelaide head office on 08 8223 7277

What is my hospital admission time?

Contact the hospital ONE DAY PRIOR to your surgery, to obtain your fasting and admission time

Central Districts Hospital – 08 8250 4111

Gawler Private Hospital – 08 8521 2000

Jamestown Hospital – 08 8664 1406

Mt Barker DSM Hospital – 08 8393 1777

Parkwynd Hospital – 08 8223 3294

Port Augusta Hospital – 08 8668 7500

Port Pirie Hospital – 08 8638 4500

South Coast District Hospital – 08 8552 0500

Wakefield Hospital – 08 8405 3333

Whyalla Hospital – 08 8648 8300


How long do I need to fast before surgery?

Contact the hospital ONE DAY PRIOR to your surgery, for exact fasting details.  As a general rule fasting includes: NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK at least 6 hours prior to your scheduled surgery.  This includes NO: food, water, chewing gum, mints, etc.  If you are taking medications and are unsure if you should stop taking them, please contact your anaesthetist on the phone number given.