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General Information


All patients that attend our practice will require a consultation with a doctor prior to any treatment being scheduled. All consultations related to oral and maxillofacial surgery will require a referral and any relevant x-rays. Consultations of cosmetic nature do not necessarily require a referral, however, should you want to claim Medicare benefits from the appointment, you will need a referral.
When booking your appointment, it is essential our staff understand the nature of your appointment as times are allocated according to your specific treatment, you will be asked a variety of questions to verify this. 

Please notify us if you are unable to attend an appointment.

When booking your appointment please notify the staff as to the nature of your appointment as times are allocated according to your specific problem.

The doctors consulting endeavour to devote sufficient time to each patient but some patients may take longer than the allotted time, therefore causing others to wait. For as long as each patient is treated on an individual basis this will occur. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Patient medical history

Please complete our new patient form online prior to your appointment

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm
Branch practices only on certain days


We understand that emergencies can occur at any time. We do our best to accommodate for emergency patients and have them seen quickly, with as little convenience to others as possible. We have a triage protocol in place to help determine the severity of the emergency and take appropriate action. Please contact our office on 08 8223 7277 with as much information as possible if you have an emergency.

After hours

In the event of an emergency after our business hours, please contact our paging service on 08 8223 7277

Referral for other management

If you are referred for specific treatment such as pathology, radiographs, physiotherapy or to another specialist, they will bill you direct.

Financial aspects

All consultation fees are required to be paid on the day of your appointment. You may be entitled to a Medicare or Health Fund rebate, in which, our staff will notify you of this.

You will be provided with an estimate for any required treatment at your consultation. Patients are required to pay the full amount on the estimate one week prior to treatment.

If your account is an insurance claim, work cover, Veteran Affairs or any other third party payment, please notify our staff at the time of booking your appointment and provide them with all the relevant information.

Repeat prescriptions

The supply of medications without consultations is a potentially hazardous practice; therefore in the best interest of your health, it is our policy not to issue prescriptions without seeing the patient.

Sick certificates

The Medical Board requires that patients should not receive a medical sickness certificate without consultation. Certificates cannot legally be backdated.

Test results

Patients are reminded that they must make an appointment as advised by their doctor for all test results.

Privacy law

Information regarding a patient or their account will only be discussed with the patient 18yrs or over. In the case of a minor only an immediate family member / guardian will receive information.