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Otoplasty and Earlobe Repair

Two common issues related to ears. The first is simply ears that stick out too far and look too visible. This is commonly known as bat ear deformity. This can be due to several different issues of the ear anatomy. Correction of this ear problem requires addressing the specific anatomical causes. Surgery is normally performed under general anaesthesia. Scars from the surgery are placed on the posterior aspect of the ear making them much less visible. Through specific surgical techniques, sutures, and removal of excessive tissue, the prominence of the ears is reduced. After surgery, compressive dressings are required to help support the ears in the new shape.

The second common issue is stretched earlobes, caused by ear gauges. Treatment of this condition is a medical, not cosmetic procedure. The surgery can typically be performed under local anaesthesia. Excessive skin is removed, and the tissue reshaped to reconstruct the ear lobe.

After the surgery, it is crucial to allow sufficient healing time for the earlobes. Re-piercing the reconstructed lobe is often possible, but you should check with your surgeon before doing this.